Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Priapea, Dionysis & Good parties

Also spelled �Priapeia� poems in honour of the the god of fertility Priapus. Although there are ancient Greek poems addressed to him, the name Priapea is mainly applied to a collection of 85 or 86 short Latin poems composed in various metres and dealing with the fertility god who, with his sickle, protected gardens and vineyards against thieves and from whose axe-hewn image of figwood or willow. Poetry is all good and well and one should really consult the White Goddess who presides over the creation of all poetry and song and is the riverblood of everything that poetry stands for.

My favourite God can only be one person and that is Dionysis. Yes that old thoroughbred the God of the Vine... friends, he is one of the best figures in the land of ancient Greek gods. The party rolls on with this figure and so it should... accompanied by Satyrs and nymphs he strays from zone to zone playing music and indulging heavily in wine and merriment. Consider the God Dionysis crowned with olives and furs and drinking fine Chateau Margaux from a gold chalis. Praise be to God... praise be to God.... our God dionysis.


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